Gifting your talents to help GPRC is an excellent way to give!  Do you have a special skill you would like to teach?  Perhaps you would like to use your professional knowledge and skills to host a workshop or webinar.  Genesis welcomes all talents that will enhance and advance the lives of those we serve.  Just send us an email at info@genesisprc.org.


Genesis PRC recognizes that time is a valuable commodity.  Your time is valuable to you and us!  We are always looking for volunteers to assist with programming such as small group facilitation.  We also encourage church groups that may be willing to adopt a client or lead a Bible study to partner with us! If you have time you are willing to use to pour love and light into people, send us an email at info@genesisprc.org


Perhaps you don’t have the time to spare and you’re not sure what talent you have that can be of benefit.  You can always donate to GPRC!  We encourage you to become a sustaining donor (link for monetary donations coming soon).   GPRC also accepts material donations to further enhance programs and services.  Such donations could include:


    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Baby Clothes
    • Baby Items (pacifiers, grooming, shampoo, baby soaps, etc…)
    • Small baby furnishings (blankets, pack-n-plays, strollers, diaper bags, etc…)


    • Personal/feminine hygiene products
    • Career/Professional clothing

Counsel of Dads Program

    • Personal hygiene products
    • Career/Professional clothing
    • Small handheld and/or power tools

Check your closets, garage and basements for gently used items that can be used to enhance and advance the lives of others.  If you have material donations, just email us at info@genesisprc.org.




231 East Grand Blvd

Detroit, Michigan  48207